On quellidellapizza.com, every purchase benefits from the maximum level of security thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies and encryption systems (SSL).

128-bit encryption

When you pay online, all of the information being transmitted is encrypted. Nobody can intercept your credit/debit card number or any other sensitive information.

Secure, reliable servers

All of our services are provided by servers located in latest-generation data centres, guaranteeing a secure, rapid, reliable purchasing process.

Protected credit/debit card

We never see your credit/debit card number, and to protect the purchases you make using your card, you will always be asked to enter the CVV code. You can rest assured that we only use secure connections, as indicated by the padlock symbol that appears in your browser and by the fact that the web address, shown in the address bar, starts with “https”.


Every purchase is checked by our team. If something’s not right, we’ll contact you. And if we can’t get hold of the right person, we’ll call the police.